Clomid the drug, is a single which is often put on by girls for fertility inducement purposes; however you will discover research studies that were performed that have proven the efficacy of the medication to stimulate an increase in the sperm count of men. There have been times before when men were found to be infertile and remedy couldn't be found. The urologists which find themselves offering with this situation of infertility began using Clomid for treating this form of infertility in men. 

Men that suffer from infertility are provided a dosage of fifty to a hundred milligrams of Clomid two times in one day for around three of 4 weeks depending on the preceding week. It is to be pointed out that regardless of what an individual does, the sperm cycle in a male is around 120 days as well as the outcomes of this will shoot at least 4 to six months. Sperm counts taken prior fat burner ( - ) to the therapy showing low levels of sperm with poor motility and countless abnormal forms as well as the hormones are normal. 

Clomid in men also provides an additional alternative in the realm of bodybuilding as it may help in raising the follicle stimulating hormone which boosts testosterone levels. Males who employ this drug consume it with a daily intake of one or maybe 2 tablets over a four to 6 week duration. This can help bring testosterone production to a desired level. Sometimes when a quick boost is necessary in the testosterone levels then this drug is mixed with other potent drugs, yielding much better results especially for those people who happen to be on a steroid diet. Bodybuilders - rarely suffer from many side effects as a result of the use of the drug but there are a few effects which are listed as hot flushes, dizziness, nausea, headaches and temporarily blurred vision. These symptoms, nevertheless, are usually more apt to be experienced by women athletes rather than their male counterparts.